Sales and Trading Analyst
Analyst Intern
4 weeks / 8 weeks,Rolling basis
New York City
        Job Description
  • Take Series 3 (Commodity Futures & Options) exam andSeries 34 (Forex) exam to acquire in-depth knowledge of FX / futures / options trading
  • Upon passing both exams get registered with the CommodityFutures Trading Commission (CFTC) with intern company as your sponsoringcompany
  • Upon passing both exams become a member of the NationalFutures Association (NFA) with intern company as your sponsoring company
  • List your highly specialized qualification as a Futures/Options/FXindustry professional on your resume with intern company as your employer
  • Gain a competitive advantage to distinguish yourself fromother job applicants when you go to job interviews at major multinational(financial) companies
  • Practice trading with a simulated FX / futures /options (Demo) account
  • Provide analysis and trading comments of the forex, future,options market
  • Conduct market research to prepare reports based on currentmarket trends and latest topics
  • Schedule appointments with clients for SeniorBrokers/Traders
  • Gain comprehensive and applicable knowledge far beyond whatyou learn at any University about the world of Futures, Options & Forex
  • Proven excellent academicrecord with GPA >3.2
  • Be familiar with MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel (familiarity with QuickBooks could be advantageous)
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with English
  • Can commit to being at the office for 8-14 hours per week for part-time Intern, 35 hours per week for full-time intern
  • Taking FINRA’s Series 3 and 34 are not required but strongly recommended
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