Risk Management Intern
Risk Management Analyst
4 weeks,Rolling basis
New York City
        Job Description
  • Identifying, mitigating and controlling a number of risks which are inherent in the financial services business
  • Assessing risks as credit, market, liquidity, operational, compliance, strategic and/or reputational 
  • Identifying, mitigating and controlling compliance risk 
  • Implementing of risk management-related initiatives in respect to new regulatory requirements and expectations, strategic planning, M&A assessment and integration activities
  • Assessing AML & Financial Crimes Risk Management related functions
  • Investigating financial proceeds of illegal activities which have been disguised as being from legitimate sources
  • Monitoring AML issues from know-your-customer (KYC) roles – in which you help verify the identity of clients to providing internal advice on AML policy
  • Reviewing the firms  “Written Supervisory Procedures” pertaining to Risk Management
  • Obtaining an introduction to Series 7 licensing
  • Proven excellent academicrecord with GPA >3.2
  • Outstanding work ethic and a passion for investment banking
  • Organized, diligent and proactive; attention to detail 
  • Effective writing skills to support the creation and delivery of presentations to prospective client management teams
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills; ability to quickly analyze numbers
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