Financial Analyst
Risk Management Analyst
4 weeks,Rolling basis
New York City,Remote
        Job Description
  • Assistingto work on specific projects and deals
  • Performing investment andoperational due diligence
  • Researching the industry competition structure and forecast futuredevelopment trends to narrow the recommended stock list for final presentationto investment committee
  • Investment strategy “teardowns” and SWOT analysis
  • Conducting research to derivefinancial estimates and interpreting earnings “guidance”
  • Collecting and analyzing SECfilings (10-Ks, 10-Qs and 8-Ks), fact sheets, and investor briefings tocomplete financial valuation models to create an income statement, cash flowstatement and balance sheet summary and framework to project future financialperformance
  • Proven written and oral communicationskills
  • Knowledge of hedge fundbusiness models and structures
  • Eager to learn and curiousabout the alternative investment industry
  • Demonstrates maturity andprofessionalism when interacting with clients and client prospects and fellowinvestment industry professionals
  • Demonstrates a strong grasp ofrevenue models and business logic
  • PC Skills needed: MicrosoftOffice (Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Word etc.)
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