Consulting Intern
6 weeks,Rolling basis
The British,Remote
         Job Description
  • Conducting industry research as well as datagathering and analysis
  • Review the existing strategies toidentify the opportunities and diagnose the problem
  • Design new business strategies thatprepare the client to enter the new business market
  • Translate the strategic directionand business objectives established by clients into a complete report with aclear opinion and execution
  • Leverage SWOT and other tools todesign solutions for complex organizational challenges
  • Combine structural and executionskills that enable our clients to achieve immediate business value; ifnecessary, execute these operational value propositions as 
  • Proficient with Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Strong problem solving, structuringand analytical skills
  • Eagerness to contribute in ateam-oriented environment
  • Deadline-driven, organized and ableto multitask
  • Fluency in English is mandatory
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